Studco Vortex High Performance Framing Systems

Studco Vortex High Performance Framing Systems

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Creaking noises have been recorded at more than 70dB in some tall apartment buildings. It keeps apartment residents awake at night and terrifies unsuspecting hotel guests. But how can we avoid this as we continue to construct taller skyscrapers?

The Studco® Vortex High-Performance Steel Stud Framing System eliminates loud creaking noises in apartments, tall buildings, and high wind locations.

Having spent the last two years developing Studco Vortex, we are proud to announce the only fit-for-purpose internal, lightweight steel framing system that has been specifically engineered to address the variable surface elements of modern concrete structures is now available.

Studco Vortex is a reliable and practical solution for addressing the root cause of noise annoyance by removing stress and tension from the internal framing.

The Key Benefits of the Vortex System include:

  • Rigid Beam – The Studco Vortex top track profile has a full-length rebated pan that increases stiffness and resists buckling forces, to ensure profile straightness and restrict their members following undulating concrete surfaces.
  • Fixing Tab – Allows 100% positive fixing to the substrate on uneven surfaces. The Concertina zone is pre-stressed to limit tension and deformation of the track.
  • Service Cutaways – No loss of system strength when the track flanges are cut to allow for the passage of services such as pipes and ducts.
  • 100% Isolation – Stud isolation clip completely disallows metal-on-metal contact at the stud to track connection. Can also be used as a locator or shoulder in other wall construction elements.
  • Anti-Tension Kerfs – Strain-relief kerfs provide a secondary measure to limit the deformation of the flanges where the substrate is extremely uneven. This disallows the transfer of tension along the profile length.

Case Studies

Lighthouse Tower, VIC
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Vortex Isolation Clips, Steel Stud and Track, EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems


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