Vortex Segmented Rebate Track

A breakthrough in internal wall systems, the Studco Vortex High-Performance Framing System® improves the behaviour of the wall structure in high-rise buildings.

Through extensive research in conjunction with Deakin University, Studco has developed the Studco Vortex Internal Wall System, designed to reduce the stress and tension within the wall system that can cause noise annoyance.

By comparison to a conventional system, the Studco Vortex Internal Wall System displayed 95% less deformation when installed.


  • Vortex eliminates tension in the head track caused by uneven concrete substrates.
  • Vortex eliminates the possibility of steel-on-steel contact when the wall studs rotate axially within the head track.
  • Vortex saves on fixings & fasteners.
  • Installation method for Vortex is the same as the standard wall system… easy, fast and no special skills required.
  • Vortex is designed for foolproof installation.
  • Economical solution as Vortex system uses standard wall studs and bottom track.
  • No loss of structural integrity when other service trades cut Vortex track section.
  • Vortex is trusted by leading architects & builders.

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