Voyager, VIC

Builder: Mirvac / Contractor: Oneway Constructions
Project Type
Apartment Building
Products Used
Vortex High Performance Framing System, Concealed Suspended Ceiling System, EzyTrack Curved Wall System
Projects Value
$300 Million
Corner of South Wharf Drive & Point Park Crescent, Docklands

Voyager, VIC





True to its name – the Voyager traverses impressive heights, spiralling 130 metres into the sky. The majesty of Melbourne’s harbour is framed impeccably from the peaks of the high-rise apartments. The glass frontage is coloured with the shimmering blue of the harbour to the North and the golden glow of Port Melbourne to the South. Voyager nestles into the harbour’s  exuberant atmosphere; swarming with riverside dining, an expansive shopping precinct and state-of-the-art sporting facilities. Studco worked closely with contractor Oneway Construction on the ambitious $300 million project spearheaded by developer and builder Mirvac.


The Logistics team at Studco prepared and delivered orders in a timely manner. In addition to arriving on-time, deliveries were arranged so as to ensure no other elements of Voyager’s construction were interrupted. Reliable communication with on-site teams brought efficient and organised logistical results. The punctual deliverance of Studco products and designs conveyed into the similarly punctual completion of the wider project. Strong communication with project partners Mirvac and Oneway Constructions was the base for this achievement.

A suite of Studco products were utilised in other areas of Voyager as highlighted by the Concealed Suspended Ceiling System. A flexible and secure system – this provided a flush finish to complement the ornate interior aesthetic. Designed to meet all relevant standards, the system also guaranteed the Fire Rating and Clearance requirements for the tower were met. Studco’s Technical Team provided the engineering specifications for this ceiling system to accommodate the specific requirements for the project. The ceiling design was methodically fashioned to maximise the strength and ease-of-installation at Voyager.





Voyager's hallways feature a curved wall design - freely completing the building's soft architectural finish.
The modern finish of the apartment interiors captures the forward-thinking design of the project and construction.
Curved bulkheads and a seamless white colour palette demonstrate Voyager's clean structure and design.

The EzyTrack Curved Wall Track played a prominent role in forming the functional and visual character of Voyager’s completion. The easily manoeuvrable track made easy installation of varying curved wall formations. Flexible by design and flexible in application, the track was used as the basis of a number of visual components. The corridors pervading Voyager are lined with curved walls; augmenting typical spaces into something else entirely – a spectacular visual indulgence for all who walk through. To similar effect, feature lights are conspicuously elegant by virtue of their curved design.


Grand ambitions come with tedious technical considerations. Piercing 130 metres of open-air space by the water, Voyager is a tall structure exposed to strong winds. As such, the durability and wind-resistance of the structure’s framing became the first port of call. The internal framing of a large-scale structure in such a location is highly susceptible to movement caused by high wind events which can result in creaking noise annoyance.

Installation of the Vortex High Performance Framing System allayed these concerns – the subject of demanding quality testing  and engineered for this specific purpose. Highlighted by a Segmented Rebate Track and stud Isolation Clips, the system is designed perform in extreme applications. Where a standard track could be under extreme tension, Vortex endures. A selection of isolation clips intelligently complement the tracks by disallowing steel-on-steel contact between wall studs and head tracks. Provided the high-end residential spaces Mirvac envisioned, sound-isolation proficiency stood as a high priority.

Discover the framing system expertly designed to deal with Vortex Shedding.
A closer look at the Vortex Isolation Clips disallowing steel-on-steel contact.
Studco site testing - investigating the Vortex track's response to uneven concrete slabs.
Studco Stud and Track Framing forming an internal wall.
The Vortex Segmented Rebate Track fixed to the concrete.

From the premium living spaces, to the first-class facilities, Voyager demonstrates a gleaming beacon of residential living. The framing is an unheralded part of Voyager’s premium atmosphere  – as ought to be the case. The role Studco played in accomplishing the towering success of Voyager was not defined by products however, rather by the people at Studco. Each construction system developed by Studco is devotedly crafted with proactive, solutions-based thinking – but it is ultimately the people involved in the logistics, specification and installation of these systems that allow them to thrive.

The strong working relationship between Studco and the site personnel collaboratively delivered a comprehensive installation guide for the Vortex system. Serving as the primary on-site document for the Voyager project, this established a thorough understanding of proper practices and a single source document for all involved. The document was delivered throughout the work site, accessible to all installers at all times. On-site personnel conducted regular inspections to guarantee the correct installation of framing systems – another step in Studco’s rigorous quality control measurements.

Voyager represents the confluence of product support and people engagement proudly embodied at Studco. The project delivers a triumph of architectural freedom and construction possibility. Strong partnerships and proactive thinking were predominant in the final form of Voyager: an immense and ambitious presence in Melbourne’s dazzling harbour.


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Studco Products Used:

Vortex Segmented Rebate Track

Vortex Isolation Clips

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